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Voice over acting is another passion that I have had the pleasure of doing for over 5 years.

With this service, I will record a professional voice over fit for a commercial, voice mail greeting, narrative, short audio book, etc. I specialize in the following accents and vernacular: Brooklyn, British, Southern, Urban or American accent. 

All you have to do is send me a script along with instructions on which emotion you would like me to convey and I will do the rest. 

The price starts at $20 for up to 50 words. I charge in $20 increments for every 50 words.

For example: 

$40 for 100 words

$60 for 150 words

$80 for 200 words etc...

Voice Over Demo
00:00 / 02:43

Essentials Needed to Get Started:

- a script

- a brief description of what you want me to sound like

Turnaround Time:

Once the order has been places, it will take

3-5 business days from the day of purchase to deliver the voice over. You will receive a professional demo recording in mp3 format which will include editing and a light mix for listening purposes. The vocal file(s) will be delivered as an mp3 or wav if requested. 


Amount of Passes:


2 free passes e.g. retakes, corrections, etc. are allowed. Any further requests will require an additional 50% of the service charge. However, if the request is minor for example, a word needs to be changed in the recording, no extra fees will apply.

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